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Water Damage Restoration

Pipes burst.  Sewer lines break.  Torrential downpours and hurricanes have the potential to cause flooding.  In other words, water damage can occur at your Philadelphia-area home or business any time of the year.  If such a disaster strikes, Pro Action Restoration is on your side.

Water Damage Mitigation: The Clock is Ticking

The worst thing you can do after water breaches your living or working space is wallow in self-pity.  Be proactive, pick up the phone and contact our water damage specialists in Philadelphia.  We will clean and dry the affected portions of your home or business.  Our team will also eliminate the vast majority of the mold that has formed after the water event.  Though it is impossible to remove the entirety of mold, eliminating as many spores as possible will reduce the chances of subsequent health problems or a deterioration of your property’s structural integrity.

Aside from creating a dangerous mold, water damage also warps wood, compromises carpeting and shrinks leather.  Contact us for water damage removal as soon as possible and we will tend to this unfortunate situation within an hour or two.  Our goal is to clean and dry your space in a timely manner to mitigate the formation of potentially deadly mold.

A Strategic Approach to Water Damage Mitigation

It is not enough to merely set up a couple fans and open the windows after water has moved through your living or working space.  Take the more prudent approach by relying on our IICRC certified experts.  IICRC is an acronym that stands for the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification.  This means our team has the training and experience necessary to make a truly informed assessment of the necessary water damage remediation.  We adhere to all local, state and federal regulations for a truly comprehensive cleaning, drying and restoration.

Our team has all the equipment necessary to perform in-depth and timely water damage mitigation. We rely on specialized pumps, wet vacuums and fans to dry indoor spaces including saturated carpeting.  In fact, we go as far as pulling up water-laden carpets and padding, salvaging them to the best of our ability.  Furthermore, we will restore as many of your personal items as possible, whether they are pieces of art, a book collection, chairs, couches, etc.

Water Damage Restoration Service With Care

Our water damage restoration Philadelphia experts thoroughly cleans and fully dehumidifies the compromised space to thwart the growth of potentially deadly mold.  A final inspection is then performed to ensure your living or working space has been returned to normal as best as possible.  We go out of our way to handle all of your valuables and other items with care throughout the water damage restoration process.

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When you have an issue in your home, it’s a panic moment. Proaction is on the scene promptly with professionalism and excellence. I have had three separate times where water made its way in to a BRAND NEW home. Without this crew of respectful and talented people, we would have been stuck with long term damage. Because of them – back to new in no time. They made repeat visits to do the job right. You can’t ask for a better partner. LOOK NO FURTHER!

Danielle D.

This was the BEST company I’ve ever worked with. They were so polite, and came out in the middle of the night to assist me with my problem. They job was done beautifully . Highly recommend this company!

Demi T.

I would like to compliment Proaction Restoration on the fantastic job they did with our carpeting. When I walked in, I was amazed at the transformation. I was never expecting the carpet to come THAT clean. Absolutely incredible. Please convey my appreciation to Your team for a job well done !!!

Arty E.