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Biohazard Remediation and Recovery

Pro Action Restoration has several Biohazard Recovery specialists on staff.  Our team members are specifically certified for biohazard projects.  Our goal is to fully restore your Philadelphia-area property to be used as it was prior to the incident.

Comprehensive Biohazard Recovery Performed in a Professional Manner

Biohazards are distinct from hazmat as the majority of the local businesses we work for do not buy, sell or transfer corrosive acid or nuclear material.  However, we regularly clean up bacteria that poses a danger to workers, customers and others.  Our biohazard recovery team has performed comprehensive cleanups at violent crime scenes, doctors’ offices, nursing homes and other sites where there is blood and/or other fluids.

We Get the Job Done Right on the First Try

Every little detail matters when it comes to biohazard recovery.  If you are dealing with any type of incident that has compromised the safety or cleanliness of your property, reach out to Pro Action Restoration and we will do all the dirty work on your behalf.

From especially complicated cleanup projects to routine cleanups, we do it all.  This is in stark contrast to other restoration businesses that typically only tend to the basics of such cleanups.  Let us spearhead your biohazard recovery project on your behalf and we will get the job done exactly as you desire.

Unique Solutions for These Rare Biohazard Remediation & Cleanup Projects

Biohazard recovery is not the same as a regular restoration or other cleanup project.  These unique challenges require the expertise of specialists to carefully tend to the damage and threats to human safety.  Our team is fully certified for biohazard recovery.  Just as important is the fact that we work quickly.

Contact us as soon as the incident occurs and we will respond in a timely manner.  The sooner we get to work, the less of a threat is posed to your health and property.  We make a concerted effort to perform cleanups within a couple hours or less of customer calls.

Details About the Biohazard Remediation Cleanup Process

Pro Action Restoration strictly uses the latest restoration equipment and strategies to clean up biohazard messes and damage.  We have all the safety equipment, training and knowledge necessary to get this job done in a truly comprehensive manner without running the risk of illness or contamination.

The specific cleanup approach we take to your cleanup project hinges on its unique challenges.  We will scope out the size of the property, the level of damage, the labor necessary and materials needed before providing a quote.

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When you have an issue in your home, it’s a panic moment. Proaction is on the scene promptly with professionalism and excellence. I have had three separate times where water made its way in to a BRAND NEW home. Without this crew of respectful and talented people, we would have been stuck with long term damage. Because of them – back to new in no time. They made repeat visits to do the job right. You can’t ask for a better partner. LOOK NO FURTHER!

Danielle D.

This was the BEST company I’ve ever worked with. They were so polite, and came out in the middle of the night to assist me with my problem. They job was done beautifully . Highly recommend this company!

Demi T.

I would like to compliment Proaction Restoration on the fantastic job they did with our carpeting. When I walked in, I was amazed at the transformation. I was never expecting the carpet to come THAT clean. Absolutely incredible. Please convey my appreciation to Your team for a job well done !!!

Arty E.